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Beauchamps Hand Lotion 16 Oz
Price: $32.95
Beauchamps Hand Lotion 2 oz 6 Pack
Price: $49.95
Beauchamps Hand Lotion 4 Oz
Price: $14.95
Beauchamps Hand Lotion 8 Oz
Price: $21.95


"Your hand lotion... is the best I have ever used and you know how drying winters in New England are! Thank you for making this product!!!" 
~ Ann, Massachusetts

You have helped me! I love, love, love your hand lotion! December in California is cool and dry and my hands suffer. I found your lotion in Vermont and now I wouldn't live without it!"
~ Kathleen P, CA

"I've suffered from chapped hands for years but Beauchamp's Hand Lotion is the first product I've found that cures the problem!"
~ Barbara M, NY